Glowaholic Beauty x Olmos y Flores

by | Apr 19, 2023

Glowaholic Beauty x olmos y flores

Already positioned as one of the top fashion entities in Mexico, Olmos y Flores leap of faith led it to immerse itself in the beauty industry with the launch of a makeup line created in collaboration with the LA-based brand Glowaholic Beauty by Ricardo Guerrero.

The presentation was held on Saturday, March 12 in Colonia Americana, one of the most vibrant areas of Guadalajara; There, the Mexican brand Olmos & Flores transformed its “Tiny” Store into an urban garden full of different types of flowers to display the 5 products that make up the collection, between green walls and clay vases.

Both creatives confessed that the idea of ​​this project arose a year ago with the goal of offering unique products, without gender, without labels and focused on a Latino community, in addition, the launch also guides the brand’s commitment to continue promoting its range of products. We are inspired by the people around us, people with unique features that make us seek identity and beauty in all ways and forms” Here’s to more collaborations like this! Collaborations that explore, reinvent themselves, make us proud and empower us, but above all that is made by Mexican talent.

“Olmos & Flores is born from family, the brand is for my family, for the people we love and who live with the idea with which we created it, love, passion, art, women, men, sensuality, and Mexico” says founder Ali Flores.

As mentioned above, “Olmos & Flores x Glowaholic” consists of 5 products: Eyebrow Wax, a blush named “Daisy”, a lipstick duo named “Anturio” and “Rosaprima”, and an eyeshadow palette called “Costa Alegre”, in honor of the brand’s latest ready-to-wear collection, which in turn has the Jalisco coast as its muses

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