Peta Murgatroyd: Authentic At Heart 

by | Jun 19, 2023

With baby number 2 born on Fathers Day and her budding beauty business, Peta Murgatroyd strives to have it all. 

In the world of celebrity beauty, not all brands are created equal. Many celebrities lend their names which are just placed on labels to monetize their followers but have no expertise with their products at all. Peta Murgatroyd has embodied what it means to be a beauty entrepreneur and why we chose her as the cover talent for the premiere issue of Beauty Guru Magazine. 

Not only is she one of the most beloved dancers on the hit series “Dancing with the Stars” but she is a legitimate brand builder, wife and devoted mother. I first met Peta shooting her cover for Mr. Warburton Magazine. She had her celebrity dance partner and NFL superstar Vernon Davis, her husband Maks along with her son Shai with her. From the moment we met, Peta exuded a genuine authenticity and kindness to everyone on set. Since that shoot 2 years ago I have had the privilege of connecting with her many time through her support of me, our events, mutual charity causes & award shows, She was even a speaker at the Beauty Business conference during Covid to help motivate other beauty and skincare professionals. No matter what she is doing big or small Peta always shows up big!


Image: Maksim Chmerkovskiy Instagram @maksimc

Peta Jane Beauty was inspired after years on Dancing with the Stars and the need to constantly be tanned for the cameras. Under the constant use of tanning products Peta was becoming more and more aware of the toxic products she was putting on her skin.  She decided to pursue a healthy alternative to tanning and self tanning. Peta Jane Beauty was born to enhance a healthier alternative in achieving a healthy glow on and off camera. 

Peta Jane Self-Tanning Products are known for their high-quality formulations, user-friendly application and most importantly are clean and cruelty free. The range includes various options, such as self-tanning mousses, lotions, sprays, and gradual tanners, catering to different preferences and skin types. These products are created with carefully selected ingredients to ensure a streak-free, long-lasting and buildable tan that looks natural and even.

Peta Jane Beauty is so clean you can even see Peta applying it to herself on social media while pregnant with her second child. Peta’s use of her own products speaks volumes in her confidence because her having a second child has been a fragile sensitive issue for Peta’s family.

Off the dance floor, Peta is a loving wife to fellow professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, with whom she has a son named Shai. The couple’s journey into parenthood has added a new dimension to Peta’s life, and she continues to balance her career and family with grace and determination.

In the midst of all achievements, Peta Murgatroyd had been open about her struggles with infertility and her journey through in vitro fertilization (IVF). As many can relate, having trouble conceiving is an emotional and physically challenging time between partners. Peta’s decision to share her personal experience publicly has brought awareness to the emotional and physical challenges that many couples face when trying to conceive.

Peta and her husband Maks, began their IVF journey after experiencing difficulties in conceiving their second child. You can follow her journey on social media as they spoke openly about their struggles, hoping to break the stigma surrounding infertility and provide support to others going through similar experiences.

After a series of IVF treatments, Peta and Maksim have welcomed their second child into the world. Their journey, though filled with obstacles, ultimately led to the joy of parenthood. By sharing their story, Peta and Maksim offered hope to those struggling with infertility, demonstrating that resilience, perseverance, and seeking support can lead to a positive outcome. In an exclusive statement Peta told us,

“I never lost faith to grow our family and I encourage other families to stick it out as long as they can! It’s so worth it and women are much stronger than they think!” 

Beauty can be shown in so many different ways. Through strength, love and authenticity in all things, Peta Murgatroyd has exposed us to her world. She has built herself as a dancer and performer, as an entrepreneur and and now her ultimate achievement a new mom. We celebrate Peta’s achievements within the industry and congratulate her as her family grows. We are proud to honor her as the premiere cover of Beauty Guru Magazine. 

For more information on Peta Jane Beauty, visit:

Cover credits: 

Photography: Oxana Alex

Makeup: Dillon Pena

Hair: Laura Rugetti

Styling: Erin Noella




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